With the applications and infrastructure outsource agreement with Capgemini due for renewal, Matalan decided to take the opportunity to improve the service and transform the customer experience.  They engaged Leading Resolutions to support this sourcing initiative. 

With the outsource agreement due to expire, and faced with internal cost challenges, Matalan were looking to improve the service and customer experience and, at the same time, were considering a move to a dual, integrated supply model and appoint new service partners – a single supplier for applications and a separate single supplier for infrastructure. 

Matalan were planning to run two competitive tenders, confirming a set of refreshed and improved application and infrastructure requirements and associated service levels.  They engaged Leading Resolutions to support this sourcing initiative. 

We carried out an initial planning exercise, facilitating structured workshops to provide clarity on critical activities to support partner selection for both RfPs – establish key activities, timelines, milestones, resource needs mindful of internal cost challenges and key risks to successful delivery.  

During this initial activity, it became clear that there was no ‘burning infrastructure platform’ meaning that more immediate focus and investment should be given to the application rather than infrastructure/service base. As a result, the approach was modified and we were asked to create the formal approach for the refresh and re-sign with Capgemini and, in parallel, undertake the preparatory actions for a ‘Go to Market’ exercise if required.  

We engaged with the internal Matalan procurement team on the refresh and resign activity, working with them on requirements specification, scoring criteria and vendor communications through to evaluation and decision to appoint or ‘Go to Market’.   

In parallel we began work on the essential pre–market engagement readiness activities prior to the release of an RFP including strategy, approach, vendor long list, evaluation criteria and selection panel.    

The Solution

The collaboration between Matalan and Leading Resolutions ensured:

The Capgemini ‘Refreshed Services’ proposal landed successfully and was effectively evaluated.

In addition, the work on the RFP preparation enabled Matalan to be prepared to move quickly forward in the event of a ‘Go to Market’ decision.

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