Extend the best in class data governance and management practice to their internal product and client data

Experian had excellent governance over their external data sets and wanted to extend this best-in-class practice to their internal product and client data, creating consistent governance over all of their systems and processes, manual data entry, data reconciliation and reference data.

Having already provided multiple project management and data services to Experian over a number of years, we were engaged to design, create and embed a data management framework and methodology to cleanse the flow of product to client data across all systems and services.

We analysed Experian’s systems, processes and data and documented high level data flows and data lineage.  We then developed the target data governance framework and data operating model describing ownership roles, data definitions and data quality processes and defining how the framework would work operationally.

We assessed the baseline, reviewing the existing systems landscape, identifying technical requirements and completing a gap and risk analysis between “as is” and “to be” , using the output to plan a proof of concept to embed the data framework and processes and cleanse the data. Working with the Experian team, we captured a list of immediate pain points and opportunities to be addressed within the proof of concept, taking into account overlaps with other data related projects.

The data management project led by Leading Resolutions assumed the cross-functional remit, connecting different projects, removing duplication and managing dependencies. This was a large-scale project touching most areas of the organisation, requiring us to create and maintain alignment across over 50 stakeholders with data definitions drafted for approval via our established governance model.

The Solution

Immediate benefit was delivered through addressing pain points and pulling together a cross-functional data management remit, avoiding conflicting priorities across multiple projects.

Alignment of key master data and delivery of data quality tooling capability with dashboard reports to ensure the maintenance of all remediated data

Identified and reduced the risk of revenue leakage​ and improved customer satisfaction from reduced average handling time for customer service calls, due to improved CRM data​

Embedded the new processes underpinned by documented strategy, governance framework and data management processes

Our collaborative approach to knowledge transfer ensured that the Experian team was self-sufficient going forward, and we supported the recruitment of staff to do this on an ongoing basis

£ 291 k cost avoidance
From data related delays and complexity
Alignment with 50 + Stakeholders
An additionally 1 Billion data records
globally collected

on the project