The Challenge

Following a strategic drive from the business to focus more on properties at a local level and drive central cost saving, we were asked to help with an IT Organisation re-design. We redefined the operating model to meet the requirements of the organisation wide cost management exercise.


We worked closely with the Executive Team and HR on solutions to address a number of challenges:

  • Re-organisation to achieve the target headcount reduction
  • Consultation and selection process to redeploy staff into new and changed roles
  • Transfer of Infrastructure Operations to a 3rd Party Supplier before the end of the financial year
  • Maintain the day to day service with no impact on the business
  • Keep staff motivated
  • Achieve transition of all critical tasks where roles had changed or been removed
  • Due to time pressures for the changes,
    complete the organisation transition
    before all the new senior roles
    were filled


During the project, we achieved the following:

  • Defined a new operating model and redesigned the organisation, aligning activities to the new model
  • Liaised with internal HR to create new and changed role descriptions and skill profiles; designed and manage senior level interviews; provided specialist organisational change support during consultation and staff changes
  • Transferred the technology platform to a third party supplier, including associated TUPE requirements and contractual advice
  • Provided interim transition capability to oversee the demands of the complex transfer
  • With minimum disruption to the business, the new operating model delivered against the cost savings targets whilst enhancing operational efficiencies.

"Leading Resolutions has the management and people skills to support us through organisation transition"

"Their professional approach gave us the confidence to move forward with challenging timescales" Sarah Flanagan, CIO

on the project