PRS for Music is the home of the Performing Right Society (PRS) and the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS). PRS pays royalties to its members when their works are broadcast on TV or radio, performed or played in public, whether live or through a recording, streamed or downloaded.

The Challenge

PRS engaged Leading Resolutions to work with them on identifying and selecting a strategic Managed Service Partner (MSP) to provide appropriate, responsive services through automation and strong service management practices, with an improved User Experience (UX), all delivered in a cost effective and best managed way. The MSP would operate in partnership with PRS to identify opportunities for the adoption of emerging technologies and methods that will bring competitive advantage to PRSfM and an improved user experience for all.

What We Did

We assessed the service management operations, including their existing MSP partner. We reviewed today’s service and expanded that, based on future requirements. We engaged with the MSPs, workshopping their service offerings, additional capabilities, experience and client portfolio. We developed and agreed an RFS (Request for Solution), outlining the requirements, expectations and evaluation criteria. The MSP proposals were carefully evaluated based on PRS’s key criteria, such as Service Provision, User Experience (UX), future-proofing and cost-effectiveness. Three MSPs went forward with further workshops, site visits and reference checks from which the best fit was selected as the MSP partner.


PRS’s evaluation and key criteria assessment concluded that the existing MSP, One Advanced offer a path to change whilst maintaining service stability. Their investment for the future, in robust Service Management processes, proactive monitoring capabilities, and flexible service offerings stood out and became evident during the transition planning phase.  Moreover, they offered performance and cost optimisation without compromising on service quality and UX.

1200 clients