Leading Resolutions were approached to help a Global airline develop an approach to underpin the initiatives to modernise IT with a focus on reducing system outages, P1s & disruptions and increasing resolution time, provide key prioritisation and co-ordinate communications between , IT and the wider business

The airline was dealing with regular and sustained system outages, P1s and disruptions to customer and staff.  There was a lack of coordination amongst the IT support organisation with a “superhero” culture and siloed knowledge, and conflict between IT and the business around prioritisation of issues, resolution time and communications.  

The client wanted clarity on the architecture that enabled their business services, and any associated knowledge gaps and single points of failure.  They also wanted to understand how they could move away from the current monitoring and alerts to a more proactive approach to detecting and preventing issues.  

They engaged Leading Resolutions to use our Observability framework for their 4 business services and create a set of observability requirements which would provide greater data depth and contextual understanding of overall system behaviour and improve their ability to proactively detect and resolve issues. 

“We helped the client move away from a situation where IT was on the backfoot to one where IT spot issues, proactively tell the business and provide rapid, coordinated and effective incident responses.”
Matt Thorpe
Delivery Director, Leading Resolutions

We applied our maturity assessment framework to identify the business services for the organisation​ and identify where the client was versus where they needed to be.  

We shaped and delivered an initial assessment/ Proof of Value (PoV) assignment, ​ defining the KPIs for agreed business services and led the development and use of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) dashboards​, implementing the findings from the proof of value to measure the benefits and create a repeatable assessment framework for the remaining business services.  

We developed clear dashboards with relevant KPIs and metrics to drive business value.  

We collaborated with the client to define and document their vision, strategy and  3 year roadmap and established the Observability platform team, providing interim capability to accelerate and drive their Observability programme​. 

The Solution

To date, the clear KPIs, metrics and MVP dashboards have resulted in a reduction in P1s, cost savings and improved internal customer satisfaction. 

Coordinated responses to incidents from the support teams with improved clarity in terms of roles and responsibilities

Data driven insights to aid strategic improvement identification and planning in collaboration with the business

4 business services

on the project