We successfully deployed our intelligent resourcing model into a key Financial Services company where large scale integration and digital transformation projects were underperforming and putting contractual agreements at serious risk. Our strategic approach not only identified individuals and a team make-up with the right skills, but also ensured they had a solid cultural fit for our client and the delivery and business teams, taking over projects from large providers who had struggled to advance these initiatives.
Over the period of the first 12 months of our contract we were able to land these key projects and programmes and through client confidence take on other programmes in other areas of the business. We also, through the intelligent resourcing model, were able to save the client in excess of £3 million in professional fees.
“Leading Resolutions are doing a fantastic job, responding to our complex demand for key digital skills in a flexible, compliant way. We have been overwhelmed at the quality of the team provided to deliver on our needs.”