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Driving Significant Cost Savings with Sourcing and Vendor Management

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Rob Chapman

Unlock cost savings of up to 35% while enjoying efficiency and service enhancements with Leading Resolutions’ Sourcing and Vendor Management.

At a multi-function insurance and service company, over £2m was saved by changing the contractor base, a saving of over 25%

What is Cost Optimisation?


In the relentless pursuit of profitability, IT leaders today must contribute to organisation-wide cost management activities and continuously demonstrate fiscal responsibility – without compromising on service.

However, more often than not, the approach to cost optimisation does not link to strategic value growth.


You can have both…cost optimisation is about more than just cutting costs. Rather, it is about making smart spending and investment decisions, minimising waste, maximising value, and leveraging your supply chain in a sustainable way.


At a multi-national manufacturer, rationalising their licensing across operations on an enterprise level increased flexibility and buying power and delivered cost benefits of around 20%

Driving Cost Savings without Compromising on Service


Working collaboratively with your suppliers and keeping the enhanced customer journey at the heart of those conversations enables IT leaders to unlock cost savings by turning vendor relationships into valuable partnerships that drive improved service, competitive edge and, ultimately, enhanced business performance.

Our Sourcing and Vendor Management service is a strategic, end-to-end approach designed to help you choose the right vendors for your needs, negotiate contracts, and manage vendor relationships to reduce costs and ensure success. Through careful selection and a partnership approach, underpinned by our independent view and market knowledge, we help organisations select the right partners, rationalise their supplier base, improve SLAs and innovate service at the same time.

But to lower costs without compromising on service, you first need to have a qualified view of your cost base so you can cut through the noise and make informed decisions. Here at Leading Resolutions we can help you do just that.

Get to grips with your finite spend.


We will help you get a view of your finite spend – and cut right through it so you can identify savings.

By accelerating cloud adoption within a European airline, service resilience, operational flexibility and scalability improved, with an opportunity to realise a 20-30% benefit in Capex over time

Our structured approach categorises IT spend across key business services so we can get to grips with the construct of your core services and IT spend in all key categories and areas, such as licensing, cloud utilisation, infrastructure, and communications.

We’ll then harness our experience, market insights, and knowledge of the vendor landscape to deliver total cost transparency and provide clear opportunities for IT teams to optimise costs and potentially divert investment for innovation.

Our Senior Team and Subject Matter Experts will work collaboratively with you to undertake a sample audit, evaluate your objectives, and create a sustainable cost optimisation

We follow a clear 4 step approach



Once the audit is complete, we will provide a detailed report of our findings, highlighting key risks and issues ranked in terms of urgency and impact and highlighting where value for the business can be derived.

In addition, you’ll get a database of your existing contracts, complete with renewal schedules and vendor categorisation, plus an assessment report benchmarking your IT vendor spend compared to your industry peers.

Finally, we will also create an opportunities register to detail the potential savings across your organisation so you can focus on what’s important – driving innovation and performance.



This clarity of data empowers you to achieve operational excellence and deliver transformation whilst unlocking significant cost savings.



By transitioning and transforming the application support and development landscape for a multinational B2C organisation, we unlocked over £5 million in budget to support additional change programs.

Fast Track Your Cost Optimisation Journey with Leading Resolutions


Unlike traditional consultancies, Leading Resolutions provides a complete service wrap.

This end-to-end capability means you’ll have our senior consultants working in collaboration with you every step of the way to deliver actionable results.

We are a consultancy full of knowledgeable practitioners with real-world experience.

This on-the-ground knowledge enables us to harness the wealth of the supplier ecosystem so you can enjoy significant cost savings whilst benefiting from improvements in efficiency and service.

We will fast track the tendering process to strategically find you the best suppliers.

What’s more, because we’re entirely independent and vendor agnostic, you can rest assured that whenever we advise you about anything, we’ve always got your best interests at heart.

Our industry expertise empowers our clients to become optimally “right-sourced,” unlocking cost savings of whilst enjoying significant enhancements in efficiency and service and delivering on business goals
Jon Bance
Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Leading Resolutions

Transform Your Relationships from Transactions to Valuable Partnerships


Proactive IT vendor management is a dynamic and continuous process that requires commitment and strategic thinking.

At Leading Resolutions, we are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of IT vendor management, ensuring that your relationships are productive, strategic, and above all, deliver value.

For more information about how our Vendor Sourcing and Management service can deliver significant cost savings, get in touch with our team to chat more.