Creating that all important IT Strategy

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Jon Bance
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In the realm of modern business, the significance of a robust IT Strategy cannot be overstated. Far from being a mere facilitation tool for day-to-day operations, an adept IT Strategy is the bedrock upon which the success of an organisation is built. It sets the tone, pace, structure, and priorities, orchestrating how business objectives are not only envisioned but achieved.

Understanding that the evolution of business strategies is both inevitable and necessary, the key to success lies in how these strategies are operationalised and aligned with the overarching goals of the business. An IT Strategy should not be seen through the narrow lens of solving immediate technical needs but rather as a vital component in the broader business narrative, shaping how an organisation approaches its future goals.

A forward-thinking IT Strategy is akin to charting a course for a ship. Just as a captain needs to account for various factors such as weather and sea conditions, a business leader must consider both the current and future technological landscapes. It’s about asking, “What business objectives are we aiming to achieve, and how can our IT infrastructure not just support but propel us towards these goals?”

Operationalising this vision requires a deliberate approach to structuring the organisation. It involves creating a model that is not only efficient and effective but also flexible enough to adapt as objectives evolve. This model should be built on a foundation that attracts and retains talent reflective of the organisation’s culture, ensuring that the team is aligned and capable of meeting the set objectives.

Moreover, leveraging best practices and learning from both successes and setbacks—whether your own or those of others—can provide invaluable insights. This knowledge is crucial for setting up an IT Strategy that not only addresses the present needs but is also scalable and adaptable for future challenges.


In conclusion, a well-crafted IT Strategy is indispensable for any business aiming for long-term success. It’s about understanding that technology is not just a support mechanism but a driving force. By aligning IT with business strategies, organisations can ensure they are not just reacting to the digital world but actively shaping it to achieve their goals. This strategic alignment sets the stage for sustainable growth, innovation, and competitive advantage in an increasingly complex business environment.

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