Key CIO’s priorities – Are we already in Q2!

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Jon Bance
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CIO’s priorities

Well where did Q1 go. How far have you got with your priority list?

The UK economy as with other western economies, keeps showing signs of improvements and then, as always something changes and we appear to be back where we started. World events continue to dominate and undermine a level of stability.

Being a CIO, CTO, CDO is often a lonely job which is where our team at Leading Resolutions come in. We exist to listen, understand, counsel, give opinion and provide thought leadership, thus making the “Seniors” role easier.

The research we conducted at the turn of the year is still relevant and in fact we have seen significant traction around one of the key topics raised, Observability. Please see our Webinar reel.

Observability Driving Business Performance Webinar Soundbites – Leading Resolutions

We are now helping a few of our key customers with some of the heavy lifting around Observability including proof of concepts and driving significant business value

Here are the top 7 topics that I mentioned at the turn of the year, I would be really interested if they resonate with the CIO community at present or you are seeing significant change in priority.

  1. Business-Embedded IT: Embrace the concept of IT as a revenue generator. Ensure that your technology Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are integral to the inception of revenue-generating ideas. Utilising data for instance, to drive business performance
  2. Team Flexibility: Given the continued disruption in global economies, it’s crucial to adopt a flexible approach to your IT teams. Cost optimisation and a scalable model for upsizing or downsizing are now imperative.
  3. Intelligent resourcing is now an absolute must for technology teams.
  4. AI Advancement: Let’s not merely acknowledge AI; let’s drive innovation in its use. Collaborate with the business to formulate a clear AI strategy, but exercise caution. Implement robust governance to avoid pitfalls that others have faced.
  5. Legacy to Agility: Shift your teams away from commodity computing by leveraging automation and observability tools. Ensure that every IT initiative adds significant value, aligning with our goal of IT as a revenue generator.
  6. Security Priority: Cybersecurity remains a permanent concern. As CIOs, we must communicate the risks to our boards effectively. Boards still think that they will not be targeted. Dismissing cybersecurity threats is a negligent stance, and it’s our responsibility to convey this.
  7. Ethics and Sustainability: Sustainable business and technology practices may be underappreciated by some senior business leaders. Develop a strong IT sustainability strategy backed by a capable team to address this crucial aspect.
  8. Observability: Observability is the rising star in tech, offering substantial benefits. It’s not just monitoring on steroids; it’s about using data to predict system behaviours, enhance user experiences, and make informed decisions. This is especially vital for organisations with complex, legacy, and dynamic systems.

Of course, we exist to help CIO’s, CDO’s and CTO’s and their teams to both think through, provide expertise and opinion, but to also execute on these priorities. Please get in touch to discuss..