Winner of the Leading Resolutions Ambassador Award, August 2021

We are proud to announce that Simon Todd has received the LR Ambassador Award for his outstanding service to our client, Dyson.
August 24 2021

Simon Todd

Programme Manager

What Simon has achieved:

Simon shared his knowledge, insights and experience with Dyson and was able to establish that there were some design, roadmap and planning challenges that needed to be addressed immediately.

He articulated and communicated these to the project sponsor, Amy Weedon, and the project lead, Melinda Morales, and won their support to propose some fundamental changes in approach.

He then scoped, shaped and identified the deliverables and capabilities that would need to be engaged to deliver this phase of the project and create the foundation of a successful project.

Simon sought support from the broader Leading Resolutions team and was instrumental in standing up the capabilities required, in a rapid timeframe.

He remains at the centre of the project to support the client and deliver the outcomes. His vision and ability to articulate a clear plan have been critical to the progress to date. He has been a great ambassador for Leading Resolutions at Dyson

What Simon has been doing:

This engagement has been focused on delivering:

  • The governance and associated stakeholder engagement plan for Phase 1 in order to enable Dyson to progress to Phase 2, including the supplier onboarding, governance and delivery output required
  • Managing business change and stakeholder communications and governance including go/no go meetings in line with the project plan
  • Producing the associated Phase 1 plan with an assessment of the activities, tasks, resources, dependencies, risks and mitigations to be managed in collaboration with the Dyson team
  • Produce a Phase 2 initiation plan, to allow the hand-over of the project from Phase 1 into Phase 2 planning.

What this means for Dyson and Leading Resolutions:

Achieving these deliverables will create a foundation that will enable Dyson to move to the next phase of the Sharepoint Migration Project (Phase 2 – Transformation).

Simon has been instrumental in setting up the Enterprise Content Transformation Programme for Dyson. His experience and expertise in this field has been brought to the fore and is resulting in setting up the core programme foundation streams including people onboarding, work streams, delivery teams to great effect. He has a great attitude to work, is happy to be challenged and has gelled well with my Dyson team and broader Dyson stakeholder base. I am looking forward to driving the tangible deliverables from the programme workstreams over the coming weeks with Simon at the helm of this global programme of work
Amy Weedon
Director, Global DWS, Dyson

The senior management team at Leading Resolutions has been impressed with the expertise, diligence and professionalism that Simon has shown and we would like to express our sincere appreciation for his work.

Simon is able to pragmatically apply his insights, knowledge and experience in a framework that can be communicated and delivered. He is passionate about delivering a successful outcome for Dyson and the team. He does this with energy, good humour and intelligence. He’s an asset to Leading Resolutions and the clients he works with.
Rob Chapman
Leading Resolutions