Planning for the New Norm

Resourcing for IT has been an increasingly complex challenge for most organisations in recent years. Today’s environment has heightened that challenge and added in a few more nuances for good measure. While shutdowns, furloughs, and business closures have increased the number of people available in the market, finding the “right” people, with the right skills at the right time, has become more complicated.

Recruiters and recruiting agencies are great for finding qualified full-time employees but bringing in fractional resource, part-time or short-term is particularly hard right now. And, once you’ve found them, how do you then embed them in your team and culture when everyone’s working remotely?
July 6 2020

Accommodating the acceleration of change in systems, applications, and IT operating models, coupled with changes in business strategies being formulated to accommodate an uncertain future could make the difference between success and failure for many organisations.

Decisions about in-sourcing versus outsourcing IT support, software as a service versus licensed in-house applications, data center ownership or contract to a managed service provider, target specific contract services versus in-house full time staff, are all branches of the growing IT decision tree.

The possible combinations are endless.  And a wrong turn along the way can lead to inefficiency, frustration, and increased cost of IT ownership with a minimal return on investment. Getting it right demands the right level of expertise, experience and independence – none of us want turkeys voting for Christmas.

Here at Leading Resolutions we have years of experience and a team of seasoned IT professionals ready to collaborate with you in making appropriate technology focused decisions for your business today, and into the future. We have worked, and continue to work, successfully with companies in a cross section of verticals…retail, manufacturing, logistics, telecom, medical, and financial services to name a few.

We will match our resources’ first hand experience with your specific requirements to make a positive, cost effective, and knowledge based contribution to your technology decisions.

Give us a call today to discuss how Leading Resolutions can collaborate with you to negotiate your transition to the New Now.