Health & Safety Review After Near-Fatal Accident

Our client requested an independent and comprehensive review of health and safety management, to improve its maturity across the group. Our team of Consultants conducted the review over five weeks, delivering high-level recommendations across multiple European countries.
September 29 2022

What our client needed

Following a near-fatal accident, our client needed to swiftly identify critical gaps and vulnerabilities in their health and safety protocols. Time was of the essence and a review was required within five weeks.
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Our Service

We undertook a high-level review of all health and safety procedures and systems and recommended immediate actions to address critical gaps and vulnerabilities.
As part of our recommendations, we advised fundamental changes in the responsibility of the health and safety team, pivoting them to become a support function, providing advice and reviewing local and business-wide actions.
We advised on the resources needed and also proposed introducing a health and safety committee to exercise robust governance and ensure that performance is visible and managed at a senior level.

How we achieved success

​We transform businesses through the application of digital technology and proven methods. Our approach to transformation of the critical functions of the health and safety team delivered a new way of thinking and acting.

Our client now has a clear understanding of the health and safety risks that threaten their company, and a longer-term view on the resourcing and capability needed for their internal health and safety team.

Our Value

​We have exceptional experience assisting clients with the transformation of critical business functions. Our industry-leading consultancy team has up-to-date experience in exactly the area you need to tackle, bringing current expertise to your team for the duration it is needed, without the need for a permanent hire.

The client set a short timescale to review the adequacy of their management of health and safety across the UK and Europe, with the additional challenge of differing legal requirements and cultures. With internal and external support the review was delivered on time, and the strategic recommendations subsequently approved by the Group Executive Team has led to a structured transformation programme.
Roger Garbutt
Lead Consultant

Read the full case study

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