Digital initiatives are fuelling cloud service adoption with cloud services empowering businesses to make IT more informed and enable faster decisions. But ease and flexibility come with a big price tag especially if an organisation consumes more than budgeted for, or if the environment isn’t right-sized.

The metering, management and optimization of Cloud costs is an inescapable need with Leading Resolutions Cloud Cost Management and Control service providing cost visibility, actionable cost savings, and cloud cost comparisons.

Wherever software is being consumed, there’s a risk companies are spending significantly more than they need to. Leveraging the experience we’ve gained from working in the market for over twenty years we ensure you optimize your use of the cloud.


Cloud Cost Reporting – delivering billing reports to your business users showing them their real costs of IT services


Rightsizing Recommendations – ensuring all Virtual Machines or Instances in your hybrid cloud are allocated the correct resources for their workload, with the goal of minimizing costs and maximizing performance. In public cloud environments, over-provisioned instance types mean higher daily costs. And for private cloud workloads, rightsizing your workloads can result in deferred hardware purchase savings of over several quarters, years, or even in perpetuity


Power Schedules – Examining your running instances hosted in the public cloud as these are paid for by the hour


Reserved Instances – If using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Reserved Instances (RIs) are one of the most efficient ways to of controlling compute costs, allowing you to reserve Amazon EC2 computing capacity in exchange for a significantly discounted hourly rates (up to 75%) compared to On-Demand Instance pricing. Our experts will advise and implement where to best optimise your RI spend


Get complete cost governance across your private, public, and hybrid cloud environments:

  • With a cloud cost management program, you can use SaaS optimization capabilities to see exactly which licenses are being used and which are shelf ware. This valuable information helps organizations get the most out of their software investment
  • Customers have benefited from the competition between Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, but now you’re in the door the great up sell begins.  Once costs are under control we can help implement a cloud automation tool that is linked to cost approval with clearly defined and implemented policies to ensure your cloud business is properly built, deployed and provisioned