The Challenge

We were engaged to deploy a major transformation and delivery programme, in partnership with Reliance Mutual. The programme was to launch an online wrapped insurance product under the new brand ‘There’.

We had change and delivery responsibility for all aspects of the programme, from technology through to sourcing. Technology changes were underpinned by the introduction of a new website, while new supporting back office systems ran under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) agreement.

Shadow of a family on a wall, representing the work we did for Reliance Mutual, who are a life and health insurance company

The Solution

The transformation included the analysis and implementation of major changes to existing processes, as well as the introduction of new business processes across the business.

Extensive changes in Reliance Mutual personnel, both in terms of numbers and skillset, led to the reorganisation of a number of departments including IT, and the creation of a new contact centre.

We put together a team of highly experienced consultants who drove the programme, providing consultative delivery experience from project management, business analysis, PMO and testing, through to supporting the definition and introduction of all service management activities and managing supplier selections.

The programme was a true partnership. For the entire duration of the assignment, the Leading Resolutions team worked alongside Reliance Mutual in both a mentoring and skills transition capacity. The working relationships were incredibly strong and applauded as a key success by the client.

Shadow of a family on a wall, representing the work we did for Reliance Mutual, who are a life and health insurance company

The Results

The programme was completed with a successful public product launch. We used our seven-stage programme methodology to deliver the programme, taking control and responsibility for the delivery of concept and feasibility papers, business cases, planning and design phases, reports and finally the build and test phases.


In addition to this, we supported Reliance Mutual in their selection of key partners for IT and marketing agencies. Using their robust vendor selection process, key suppliers and fit for purpose contracts were secured and implemented, reflecting the importance and value of service.

Leading Resolutions was key to the success of this significant programme which fundamentally changed our business. The team led this complex programme with great sensitivity and drive; always operating with our best interests at heart. They were pivotal in ensuring that the product was launched in a timely and cost-effective way and I would not hesitate to recommend Leading Resolutions as a strategic partner.
Clive Allison
Sales and Marketing Director and Sponsor, Reliance Mutual