The Service

When your company commits to being Carbon Neutral, Zero or Negative, we provide you with an honest and professional assessment of the impact your IT and technology systems have on your commitment. Before you commit, we help you make the decision based on sound intelligence. We then build a business case and transition plan for your journey and assist in defining and rolling out an effective decision-making policy and process that stands up to scrutiny.

How we Deliver

We secure the leading experts in our field and with 20 years of success in employing the best people and delivering change in every wave of tech, we have the resources and knowledge to assess your carbon impact skillfully and fairly as an external adviser.

Our knowledgebase is underpinned by a highly skilled consultancy team that work with blue-chip companies to plan and deliver projects and programmes of change. We are independent, we respond and engage swiftly, and we are a trusted partner.

Our Approach

When your company makes a commitment to become Carbon Neutral or Negative, you need to know the real facts about how your IT and technology impact your commitment. This is about more than turning off the lights; every part of your IT strategy has a carbon impact, from power-consuming servers to the energy used mining the cobalt for your laptop battery and the copper for its circuits.

One of the largest invisible impacts on energy usage and your carbon negative commitment is data; keeping duplicate copies, backups and unnecessary data creates data lakes, consuming vast resources. We assess, advise and build efficient data strategy that you can commit to.

We provide you with an honest assessment of your business and supply chain carbon impact, advise you how to use environmental information to inform your decision-making and continuously keep track of usage, then develop a business case for real change in your organisation. We don’t greenwash, your change needs to stand up to close examination, so we help you build sustainability decision making systems into all of your portfolio.

The Leading Resolutions Webinar really opened my eyes to the need for Businesses to get on the front foot and understand their carbon footprint and how LR can help to understand this and plan to become Carbon Neutral or Negative.”
Kharissa Cameron
IT Delivery Manager – Central England Co-operative