Can’t Touch This…

Disruption to habitual behaviour comes with challenges, and opportunities. Touch is one of the five senses that we all use every day and is integral to successfully negotiating just about every routine activity. It’s going to take some adjustment as we move into a world where touching things has become least for a while.
June 12 2020

Opening doors, reading menus, pushing trolleys, filling the car up with fuel, exchanging cash, or turning on a light switch are just a handful of the hundreds, if not thousands, of times we use touch in our daily lives.  The health concerns that are bringing all of these daily touch points from subconscious routine to front of mind awareness have become a stimulus for creativity and innovation in many companies.

The transportation, retail and hospitality industries appear to be leading the charge to transformation.  Each is developing innovative technology based solutions for the touch conundrum.

Leading Resolutions is successfully integrating our extensive tech experience with our “in the seat” knowledge of day to day operations to collaborate with clients. We are working with them to discover and implement custom solutions to address and resolve the contemporary concerns their customers have around health and safety when using their services.

At the same time, we are looking to carry many of those solutions forward to improve efficiency and comfort for their customers into the future.

We will provide guidance and process engineering to reduce the number of touch points in many situations and environments. We will assist you with integrating proven technologies such as RFID to reduce inventory handling, Bluetooth for touch free access to guest room appliances, QR codes to view menus, mobile apps to open and lock doorways, AI to increase employee efficiency, and data analytics to maximise the value of the data you collect daily.

The result is increased customer confidence, and efficiency improvement for our clients.

We are prepared for, and enthusiastic about, joining with you to reshape the future of your business.