When Will We Learn

In the age of heightened customer expectations, demands for 24/7 accessibility, and the concern of keeping costs in line, it’s no wonder many business leaders are often weighed down by legacy issues that are forming a barrier for efficient and successful operations.
July 22 2019



Often when leadership teams are perplexed that their companies are losing out on investments, they look to find answers in new software or projects with a view that the existing state of play whether it be the tech that’s being used or the people using it is to blame.  With this then becomes a danger of companies falling into the trap of spending money on digitally transforming systems and processes that will never give them the return on investment they desire as they haven’t determined the true reason for the spend.

This blog examines common technology and project management missteps, alongside solutions of how to solve them.

The first challenge project managers might find is with staffing. Do you ever feel like projects lack the right skills? Or people with the right skills don’t have enough time for the project? As technology and project managers, having full visibility into the skills and workloads of all your resources helps with planning and highlighting capability gaps in advance. And, by including consultants, contractors and outsource partners (who often get left out of skills assessments), you get a broader picture of all those who need to contribute.

At Leading Resolutions, we help our clients resolve just such staffing dilemma’s.  Our ‘Digital Skills as a Service’, offers a pay as you go, on-demand package, moving away from the practice of buying “people” to buying valuable skills when you need them, aligned with your technology roadmap. When a company looks at the digital skills they require as skills, rather than resources, suddenly IT and business leaders can accelerate delivery of key programmes, improving ROI and realising incremental business benefit.

Considering the current climate surrounding IR35, our service addresses compliancy concerns and de-risks your engagement model, through the provision of an on-demand pool of IT talent. Our clients receive centralised and cohesive management of project resources, matching supply versus demand and thus reducing internal management overhead. So much so that our clients report a 33% reduction in overall cost. They also appreciate our proven high calibre consistency of resource, recognising how our service overcomes the perils of hiring from the contract market.

It’s not all about lack of skills and capacity. It’s also evident that IT departments can struggle to meet business aspirations, with the promise of bright, shiny, new systems undermined by legacy infrastructure. It’s easy to fall into the trap; spending thousands on, for example, Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), with the beliefs that legacy systems are the problem surrounding customer servicing and the lack of visibility of leaders. But have these businesses asked their customers if the products are still relevant and meeting their requirements? No? Often businesses are digitally transforming something without knowing their true reason why.

At Leading Resolutions, we help bridge the gap between tech and business. We enhance your company’s performance through technology, ensuring investments deliver optimal values. We listen to what your customers need and assist your technology departments with the aim that the leadership team have the full visibility they desire.

Learn with Leading Resolutions, a dedicated team to help push your business forward, allowing you to gain the customer gratitude you desire whilst keeping your costs down and time up.