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Watch the Webinar – Solving the IR35 Challenge: Procuring digital capabilities after “soft landing”

Watch our Webinar and discussion.
Speakers - Pete Smyth, Sheila Bryant and Jon Bance
When it happened: 10th March 2022
March 22 2022

Leading Resolutions: Solving the IR35 Challenge: Procuring digital capabilities after "soft landing"

Remember Y2K?

IR35 arrived in 2000, it was a response from HRMC to a spike in requirement for technical skills. People were leaving their jobs within an IT function and coming back the next day and paying about a third of the tax they were paying beforehand. HRMC put some legislation in place to stop this from happening.

Extending the Reach to Public Sector

In 2017 when the reform went into the public sector, HRMC said people weren’t assessing correctly so they put the onus on the organization and shifted all the risks and responsibilities to the engaging body. If the company got it wrong, it would no longer be the contractor/consultant responsible, it would be the organization who paid them.

A Loss of Owned Skills

During this time, organisations in the public sector were hit with a loss of digital skills because lots of contractors ended up leaving the companies, as they were now being taxed more and, in some cases, being paid less than before.

Now they are coming for you…

In 2021, HRMC extended IR35 rules to the private sector – they gave them a soft landing for a year due to Covid, to put the right legislation in place. The soft landing is coming to an end in April 2022, several our clients are having audits from HRMC to look at their status.

The Reaction to IR35

Organizations responded to IR35 very differently, some companies asked contractors to become employees/operate within the scope of IR35 or had to let them go.

How Leading Resolutions Can Help with IR35

Leading Resolutions is fit to deal with this change, we have been doing this within the public sector since 2017, but we have always done it by underwriting the outcomes we are delivering.  By packaging this as an outcome-based fixed fee approach, we take the burden away from our clients. From an IR35 perspective, they don’t need to make the determination, we manage the risk and the onus is on us, to get the right skills, right capability at the right time.

We are a cost-effective solution that removes the IR35 burden from our clients.

How we attract and retain the best capability

We embrace the fact that our consultants want to work independently. 93% of our talent comes through referral, they are people who have been sponsored into our business – we are very particular about people who we want to work with.  As we grow and develop, we can continuously introduce new talent to ensure we get that right fit.

Our Corporate Culture

Our people get continuous support from our internal team and also through our specially chosen Leading team of experts – we offer them the opportunity to keep up to date with what our clients are doing, the client growth opportunities, through monthly webinars and we offer a number of awards throughout the year, our Ambassador awards.

CSR Programmes

We champion causes that are close to the hearts of our staff and consultants, donating to their charity of choice when they win an award and offering further support to charities that .

World Class Intellectual Property

We offer an IP library that has been built over 20 years by our team. Consultants can also utilize our CIOs and internal team.

Building our Brand and the Careers of our Consultants

We promote our brand through webinars, events, workshops, social media and through our memberships and affiliations. Our consultants can work on a number of client programs at any one time and because LR works with blue-chip companies, they gain that exposure too.

Our relationships with our consultants are just as important as with our clients, formed on mutual respect and trust. We are committed to finding a good solution for everybody. We offer excellent opportunities for career development- mentoring, skills and qualifications.

We recognize that our consultants are more than the capability that they deploy, and that is where our Ambassadors of the month come in  – we recognize them for all of their amazing work.

A Benefit to our Clients

We live by our core values – but when you speak to our consultants you will hear our values – honesty, integrity and fairness and will hear ways in which we show this.

We home in on the niche skill sets that we need to deliver for our clients with 100% accuracy within minutes through the intelligent use of AI.

Through our ability to bring people in, on a part-time, fractal basis we have a huge network of consultants, we have the skills, ideas and best practice that we can bring along.

A Benefit to our Consultants

We can give you some great clients to work with, we can offer you some interesting work/varied, changing the way that businesses work and transform. You get support and access to an amazing group of people who want to share and help.

In our Managing Director Pete’s words, “I was a client twice before I joined Leading Resolutions and I knew if I wanted something to get done, it would get done. I had that certainty of delivery; we can give that outcome-based opportunity and really deliver what we say we will do”.