Be ready in times of change

Jon Bance looks at how companies have prepared for the inevitable and are ready to seize opportunities in times of change.
December 20 2021


Jon Bance looks at how companies have prepared for the inevitable and are ready to seize opportunities in times of change.

When change is thrust upon us, how do we respond in a positive way? It can be hard to see new opportunities in the Covid world we live in but there is always opportunity when you are prepared for change. Leading Resolutions has worked with numerous businesses during the lockdown periods to allow them to accelerate their cloud migrations plans, cost-save, work on new propositions to support their customers or simply, keep trading.

The Omicron strain, which had the anagramists working through the night to come up with something clever, has hit our shores like a winter storm and sadly people are being admitted to hospital. One thing we have learned to accept during the last two years is the necessity to act swiftly when change arrives. As an agile consultancy, we get people on the ground fast.

The UK Government’s recent announcements have been met with a lack of surprise, but compared to the response of European countries, where businesses have been forced into immediate lockdown, we have been given some flexibility.

Those who listened to the scientists have prepared for what might now be seen as the inevitable; we are, after all, a highly adaptable species. Companies have adapted and are better prepared for a change in circumstances. Individuals have adapted to the need to educate and work from their homes, to operate in a physical world without face-to-face contact and to live life without accepted freedoms.

The same might be said for Business leaders, who are reshaping their organisations, infrastructure, propositions and workplaces at incredible pace. We have been helping with this transformation and our customers are now leaner, more efficient, their processes have been streamlined and they are thinking ahead to the next period of change.

As a consultancy, we have people on the ground in many of the UK’s leading companies. The intelligence we receive from our people spotting trends and applying change allows us to see a whole market view of the future of IT and technology.

Whether it is a response to Covid or the recent COP26 drive for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions, we have the knowledge to help you change. We are well-positioned to help you with any aspect of your Technology Strategy, aligned to your ever-changing requirements including working from home, dealing direct with customers or reducing your carbon footprint.

Talk to us about the opportunity to thrive during a time of change.