The Service

We leverage the talent, expertise, and perspectives within your organisation to help you build a customer-centric digital strategy, designing a balanced approach that drives awareness and alignment on the digital vision. The goal of digital strategy is digital enablement; an organisation that is digitally enabled no longer needs a digital strategy, it’s just “the strategy.” The purpose of going digital is to get closer to the customer.

How we Deliver

We secure the leading experts in our field and with 20 years success in employing the best people, we have the resources and knowledge to assess your digital strategy skillfully and fairly as an external adviser. Our knowledge base is underpinned by a highly skilled consultancy team.

Our Approach

Once your organisation is committed to Digital Transformation, we take the well-proven approach of providing the expertise and knowledge required to deliver the business outcomes identified within your plan.  To scope your Digital Transformation we build an understanding of your business context, map investments and identify and interview key stakeholders. We define the key digital outcomes your customers want and create a set of guiding principles to deliver on them. We Define the Digital Roadmap, identifying the initiatives to achieve digital outcomes and create a customer-centric digital strategy and roadmap. To sustain your Digital Transformation we establish the role of culture in digital transformation and plan the cultural changes needed for success.

Leading Resolutions:

  • Builds an “Engine of growth” mindset
  • Encourages a digital culture
  • Drives data-based insights
  • Optimises business technology, reducing costs
  • Consolidates process and operations
  • Optimises customer experience through analytics
  • Creates collaboration across the organisation
  • Enhances total experience
  • Increases agility and innovation
Partnering with Leading Resolutions allowed me to accelerate my mobile working strategy and unify a way of managing my business-critical applications to release £100 million worth of redundant office space” Once you’re digitally enabled and digital has become a part of your organisation’s way of life, it is no longer called the “digital strategy” it’s now a flexible base for your business strategy.