Data Compliance
Tech Talk
July 6th 2023

As part of our ongoing Tech Talks and Workshops programme, Paul Crowe and the team at Leading Resolutions would love to invite you to our latest networking workshop.
January 25 2023

The topic of our next event will be Data Compliance

Date: 6 July 2023. Venue: London

You know that your organisation needs to protect the privacy of individuals’ data (PII), however, regulators also expect you to demonstrate diligence as well as actual compliance.

Join us for a practical debate where our leading experts in Data Compliance will share expert advice and work through critical steps in data diligence.



Our data compliance experts Maria McCoy and Stef Kunzer are highly experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge of data management. Maria and Stef will share industry insights and expert advice that will aid you in your data compliance role. 

We want to share our knowledge with you through our workshops. We’ll cover many areas, but if you have a specific area of interest, let us know in advance and we will focus on it.

How many of these are familiar areas of concern for you?

Typical areas of concern:

PII data in numerous environments and GDPR compliance failure
Cost of data management
Vast data lakes, and the sheer volume of data to be validated
Duplicate, inaccurate data, and poor data quality
Data governance and security
Access to the appropriate skills
Test data management

Common Data Assurance Goals:

Achieve a single view of the truth of data quality in your business
Obfuscate PII data and achieve GDPR compliance
Reduce the cost of data management, and storage costs
Reduce data processing times substantially
Implement the right data governance (organisation, tools, processes, and procedures) required to manage and maintain test data compliance effectively
Have access to the appropriate skills to help deliver these outcomes
Automate test data management