Consultancies cost an arm and a leg, or do they?

Pricey, time-consuming and missing the point? These can be some of the misconceptions around working with consultancies.
July 5 2019

When facing challenges or seeking guidance for new projects, these myths may steer you away from hiring an expert consultancy. Yes, high-end consultancies are an additional cost, but cost is never a good measure. Focus on value and return on investment; would you trust your company with specialised experts who have reliable real-world experience, and will supply you with dedicated focus and timely attention?

By hiring a dedicated team of professionals tasked to look at a specific problem or project, they will contractually provide your company with time and focus. By introducing external guidance, their primary attention will be your company, without juggling other projects and day to day tasks that your own employees may undergo. A consultancy will give you the confidence that time will not run away. They will get the job done within the time frame you set. How many times have you sat in a project board wishing you could assure just that?

A high-quality consultant will embed their time into delivering the task in hand, using their knowledge of the market coupled with your client culture to push your company further. The best consultants listen, understand and respond. As a devoted resource, they get the job done from an unbiased and credible position. Resulting in a smooth-running operation, the leadership team will have the payment they need – more time.

From vast industry experience to candid and credible customer referrals, Leading Resolutions promise all the above and more. Delivering success through our brand values of honesty, integrity and fairness; our partnerships are always based on mutual trust and respect. Using technology to solve complex business problems, our company is famous for its programme delivery and getting the job done.

In addition to our consultancy engagements, in the current climate of IR35, Leading Resolutions now have an offering called ‘Digital Skills as a Service’. This solution gives our clients access to an on demand, agile flow of IT talent matching their IT roadmap. With the pay as you use model, the flexible service adapts to changing priorities and eliminates the need to accommodate FTEs 5 days a week.

As with all our consultancy engagements, our Digital Skills as a Service is outcome focussed, underpinned by a broad expertise and assurance of delivery using best practice tools and IP.

A team of professionals hired to ease your pain and provide the best outcomes for your business. Our team are emotionally invested to delight you, blending business and technology with a deep understanding of people, culture and change.


So, if you are looking for ‘specialised experts who have real-world experience that really counts and will supply you with dedicated focus and contractually timely attention’, hiring a high-end consultant from Leading Resolutions won’t cost an arm and a leg, it will deliver the transformation, value and the time back in your working day you need.