The Challenge

After reviewing the details of the RFP and existing contract termination dates, we uncovered an opportunity to renegotiate with existing vendors under mutually beneficial terms.

Our team had to take over and lead the renegotiation of contracts, while extending the service to include one that provides installs, moves, adds and changes (IMAC) across the whole estate.

Once the renegotiation was complete, Travis Perkins moved the management of the IMAC service transition from the internal team to the external service provider. Due to the high volume of projects already managed by the internal project team, the progress wasn’t meeting the timeframe set out in the revised contract.

We were then asked to provide project management consultancy to accelerate and deliver the service transition, so the identified benefits could be realised before they were negated by the delay in the service transition.

The Solution

Within a few days of the request, one of our senior project managers was made available to manage the process efficiently and effectively.

A review with the client’s in-house project managers was held to establish the current status of the project and agree outstanding deliverables and a timeframe for completion. A revised reporting pack and steering committee was established with regular check points to monitor progress and make sure everything was going as planned.


Within 6 short weeks, the project was back on track and an agreed service transition date had been signed off.

Throughout the process, we identified a number of failing process for project requests, updating of the procurement catalogue, process to test new IT equipment as well as the replacement of IT equipment, and improvements to the customer experience by using an online IT equipment request process.

The Results
Seamless Transition
The service was transitioned successfully on the agreed launch date. The re-use and amendment of existing processes to make sure any changes that were visible to the customer were kept to a minimum, resulting in a seamless transition.
Service Improvements
Customer communications were sent out to explain the service improvements and revised SLA, and as no changes were made to how IMAC requests were processed, this was positively received.
Flawless Execution
By providing an experienced, senior project manager who would be dedicated throughout the entire project, we were able to quickly identify the blockers to success. We developed a plan, agreed it with all project stakeholders - both Travis Perkins and the external service provider, and execute the project well.
Risks Mitigation
The acceleration of the project mitigated the risks of the project delays negating the benefits realisation used to justify the project. The existing project management team were not able to achieve this due to sheer volume of projects to manage. Taking ownership and focused delivery of the project enabled Travis Perkins to realise the real benefits of the project, both in a service level uplift and cash savings to the business.
To definitively prove to all stakeholders the true benefits, we implemented reporting that enables these benefits to be measured. With an actual SLA delivery of 94% of IMAC requests within 10 days, the team at Travis Perkins is able to track the monthly service costs and demonstrate the savings being achieved.
Increased Benefits
Leading Resolutions identified additional processes that were degrading the IMAC service and brought them into scope of the project. The issues were reviewed, mitigation processes were identified and fixed to further increase the benefits of the project.