Technology Review
As part of an investment strategy, conducted a functional review of the internal and external IT services provided by an Application Service Provider.
End to End IT System Review
Carried out an end to end review of the IT systems capability of a target sportswear company, to establish whether recent investment had delivered a best in class platform which was scalable, robust and flexible.
In House Solution Assessment
Assessed the IT technology solutions of a target company which had been built and evolved in house; delivered a rapid improvement plan to gain control and mitigate risks.
Company Assessment
Assessment of a digital trading business operating as a stand-alone company to provide observations on risks, costs and IT implications. Identified potential cost saving opportunities in IT of between $1m and $2.5m
IT Function Review
Completed a review of the IT function for the proposed acquisition of a software company. Evaluated options for IT support and management, including potential outsourcing of the IT function.
Carve Out Due Diligence
Engaged to assist with the pre-acquisition IT due diligence for the divestiture and carve-out of a division of an insurance company.
Business Model Review
Reviewed the business model of an acquisition target, a global e-learning services company, highlighting the commercial exposure relating to aspects of the legacy systems environment.