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System Reengineering


Award winning international travel company, The Travel Corporation, needed to investigate options for updating a key business system which was becoming old, increasingly poorly aligned with business needs and difficult to maintain and modify. Leading Resolutions was asked to review the system and its surrounding architecture, and report on the feasibility of re-engineering the existing system versus replacing it with an externally sourced alternative. We provided The Travel Corporation with the architectural and technical guidance required in order to determine its strategic approach.


Following an in-depth review of the existing system architecture, code and development processes, Leading Resolutions proposed and investigated a number of technical, organisational and architectural approaches to improve the responsiveness of the existing system to business changes. Leading Resolutions then worked with The Travel Corporation to run a proof-of-concept project to clarify the scale of the technical challenges involved in re-engineering the existing system.


Leading Resolutions presented a report identifying how the IT function could improve responsiveness to changes in the business areas. This was supported by existing systems including organisational changes, improved processes around the quality and rigour of technical solution designs and the design of a new project management method.Leading Resolutions validated technical approaches to re-engineering the existing system, including a view of the target solution architecture, innovative technologies to improve developer productivity and assisted with the re-engineering process. Consideration of how to maintain service while re-engineering the system over a number of years was critical. Leading Resolutions worked with The Travel Corporation to define and run a project to prove the key technical approaches identified and provide concrete data to underpin system reengineering cost estimates.