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Upgrade and Service Migration


Telindus, the ICT services company, asked Leading Resolutions to augment the project management support it was able to provide for a significant up-grade and service migration project in the UK at one of its major clients.


Leading Resolutions took responsibility for multiple work streams including Engineering & Design, Build & Bring Live, Migrate & Post Migrate, Decommission, Programme, PRMO & Governance and Quality & Service Improvement.The 14 month project, conducted over 3 phases, delivered 340 designs, 229 migrations, saw over 30 sites built and 22 sites decommissioned. Leading Resolutions deployed an over-night manager to implement significant network changes between midnight and dawn ensuring regular service was not interrupted. Mechanisms were also introduced to de-risk the deployment of new technology into the network with all activity underpinned by a new communications & update strategy.


The additional resource provided by Leading Resolutions gave the project focus and impetus and accelerated completion over what was a demanding timescale. It prevented capacity issues on the network and allowed Telindus to concentrate on other on-going activity and the end client to continue to deploy feature-rich solutions.This change marked a significant step on the journey towards a single, simplified scalable architecture that easily accommodates future features and capacity demands.

Leading Resolutions brought transparency and clarity to a complex project and accelerated implementation of this one-off project, without any impact on business-as-usual activity.