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Data Centre Consolation


Sony, the electronics manufacturer, asked for Leading Resolutions’ support in the completion of one of the largest pan European IT projects to consolidate its European support, service operations and data centre operations.


Leading Resolutions developed the business case, mobilised and managed a formal tendering process for the construction of a state-of-the-art data centre in the UK. The consolidation and relocation into this new centre from inception to commissioning was managed and led by the Leading Resolutions team. Appropriate technology strategies were developed and specialist project management capability deployed to oversee the full implementation.


Through the implementation of leading edge, high performance, low cost technologies a more efficient, high availability solution was achieved. This delivered improved service levels, disaster recovery capability, a rationalised and secure data network and a consolidated European web and internet technology service. The consolidation achieved the cost savings required, some £2m, with no impact to on-going business.

Leading Resolutions strong leadership and expert advice enabled us to painlessly complete one of the largest pan European IT programmes. Leading Resolutions was able to navigate sensitively through the diverse cultural differences that invariably exist within an organisation of our size.

Frank Cunnane, Director - Infrastructure Service Delivery Group, Sony Europe